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President: Billy Wilson

Board of Director:
President-Elect/ Board Member: Ron Brewington (California)
Vice President/Board Member: Alfreda Upshaw​

Vice President/ Board Member: John Hudson
Texas Chapter Director/ Board Member: Paulette Grant
Treasurer/ Board Member: Marcenelle Miller
Secretary: Triston VanDerbuild​

​New Directors as of 9/16/2012​
Executive Director - Netherlands: Linda Bernhard​



Detroit Director: Mike "Vee" Valintino​
Chapter Director - North Carolina: Stanley Bolden
Chapter Director - California: Ron Brewington
Executive Director - Santa Barbara: Greg Williams
Chapter Director - Nebraska: Ismail Muhammad
Chapter Director - Texas: Paulette Grant
Executive Director - Austin/ San Antonio: Beverly Russell
Chapter Director - Florida: Joe Doss
Chapter Director - Georgia: Cynthia Akins
Chapter Director - Ohio: LaNita Fox Winston

​Chapter Director - DELMARVA area: Charles Mitchell

(Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. Charles is also Executive Director of Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Chapter Director - New Jersey: Larry Cotton
Executive Director - Ypsilanti, Mi.: Crystal Smith
Chapter Director - South Carolina: Anthony McKnight


Chapter Director - Japan: (available)
Chapter Director - World Music: ​Deborah Yanez
Chapter Director - France: Kathy Tratsaert​

Chapter Director – Germany: Bernd Litchen
Chapter Director – England: Faye Jones
Chapter Director – Canada: Devin Taylor
Chapter Director – Scotland: Irvin Milner
Chapter Director – Australia: Elizabeth Monaghan

AMOLOD Committee Chairman: Robert Brown
Community Committee Director: Toi’ Coleman
Administration & Web Project Director: Phyllis Sp​izzirri

TV & Film Committee Director: EB Starr
Select 100 Progran: Karen Ross Thomas​